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Frequently Asked Questions about Hearing Aids and Hearing Loss

  »  What are the most common types of hearing loss?
  »  Can hearing aids help me?
  »  What information do I need to know before investing in hearing aids?
  »  Do I need two hearing aids?
  »  Are there different styles of hearing aids available?
  »  Are there advantages to purchasing digital hearing aids?
  »  Does my insurance cover hearing aids? Medicare/Medicaid?
  »  What is the cost of hearing aids?
  »  Will my hearing aids eventually need to be replaced?
  »  Will it be difficult to get adjusted to my new hearing aids?
  »  What should I expect in regard to getting accustomed to my new hearing aids?
  »  Any suggestions for dealing with difficult listening situations, such as "background noise"?
  »  What do I need to know about the batteries for my hearing aids?
  »  Can I benefit from assistive listening devices (ALDs)?
  »  Am I a candidate for a cochlear implant?
  »  Will insurance cover the cost of a cochlear implant?
  »  Do I Need a Hearing test?

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