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How to Read Your Hearing Test

This is the most common type of hearing loss. It is usually due to the effects of aging on the inner ear and related structures.

Note that in the lower frequencies, the hearing sensitivity is much better than is needed to hear vowels. You will have no problem knowing that someone is talking to you. However, look at how far below the consonant areas (in the upper right hand portion of the yellow area of the graph) your hearing sensitivity falls. Because you are missing so many consonants, you are going to have quite a problem distinguishing one word from another. Someone might ask you one question, and you might answer a different one. Or you may think everyone mumbles nowadays.

You need hearing aids that are sophisticated enough to amplify soft, high frequency sounds a lot, moderate high frequency sounds just a bit, and loud high frequency sounds not at all. Your hearing aids must also leave the low frequencies essentially unchanged.

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